Previous HRTE Events

Yes,It was Fun! Yes, it was Amazing! Yes, it was Intense, Yes, we partied like Rock Stars! But....most of all, I LEARNED something NEW to make more $$$$ and I was WOWED!!! Raji Venugopal

  • Australia 

  • Singapore

  • Canada

  • Buffalo, NY

  • Las Vegas, NV

  • Somerset, NJ

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Hebron, KY

  • Nashville, TN

  • W Palm Beach, FL

  • Omaha, NE

  • Portland, OR

  • Anaheim, CA

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Chicago, IL

  • San Jose, CA

  • Scottsdale, AZ

  • Long Island, NY

  • Dallas, TX

  • Phoenix, AZ

HRTE is totally worth a trip to anywhere. It's completely different from any other educational experience. Up close and personal and networking with HUGE influential people AND learning tons. I'd go just about anywhere I could for that. We just literally got back from Vegas HRTE a few weeks ago and I'll be driving 6-7 hours to come there this weekend. Kathleen Shahan

If you only attend classes to a limited degree, I would highly recommend skipping whatever you have to skip, to attend one of these events. I can't imagine you could walk away empty handed. And most of what I walked away with are things that actually apply to the everyday life of doing nails, so I don't have to make huge changes or spend a lot of money to implement what I saw. 

Thanks to all!!!! Sue Mang

​​​​​Need help? 
HRTE, is not just a class! It is an assembly of like minded people! We come to learn yes!  But, we leave with a better understanding of why we love this business in the first place! From the student right out of school, to veteran techs! This class encompasses everything that is up to date!
This is legit information that is practiced by these educators who use these techniques everyday!
We see - Pinterest everywhere!
We hear - this is the best product you will ever use!
We say - I wish I knew how to DO stop my nails from lifting!
I wish - I could make more money!
I wish - I knew how to build my client list!
Join - HRTE to see what all the fuss is about! 
Then you will be telling everyone you know about your own, AWESOME HRTE experience!
I'm an old dog learning new tricks everyday! 32yr veteran tech. And a lot of what I've learned has been from my HRTE classes since 2008'. 
I've built my clientele 8 times because of my husbands job. 
So, I think I can safely say, this is it! 
This is where it is happening! 
There are several educators coming!!!!
When did you ever have so many educators for the whole weekend?????
You need this!
It's not to late to sign up. Join us for a great weekend!
I love my HRTE Family. And you will too!
See ya soon! Tess Walters

Thank you all of the amazing instructors and nail techs that made my first HRTE a resounding success! What a fantastic forum for an exchange of ideas. Thank you to everyone I met and learned from for a fabulous weekend! Ashley Gregory

Thank you for your support!


Another great HRTE behind me. Thank you Tammy Ferrera Warner and Jaime Schrabeck and the many awesomely amazing and super inspiring educators who took their time to share their many talents and tricks with us in Chicago. My head is still spinning from the weekend! Today was my first day back to work and I had a hard time leaving this evening. I could've stayed all night practicing and playing. Thanks again for a great nail weekend! Carrrie Sanders