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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Class Schedule

Sunday 12th*: (Bring your notebook/pen/pencil)

9:00 am : Introductions

9:15- 10:30am: Hillary Fry - Deconstructing Desire: "Breaking down nail art into basic steps"

Does your heart beat faster or do you break into a sweat when clients bring in IG or Pinterest nail art inspiration?  Sure it's a pretty picture they are giving you, but HOW will you give them what they want?  We will tear apart four designs to understand the inspiration and techniques so you can develop art on your own terms:
Foil Sandwich  (2014 ABS Nail Technician of the Year Award)
Stipling (2016 NAHA Finalist)
Caviar Beads (2017 NAHA Finalist)
Open for suggestion! What is your most oft request?
Come to this session ready to strip away the layers to design so you can create and recreate with confidence and give your customers the nail art they desire.

10:45- 12:00pm: Amy Becker

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch

1:15 - 2:30pm: Phoenix Fieldcamp Vandyke -  "Extreme Shapes, Encapsulations, Nail Art and Efiling"

I am going to show how to do an extreme shape nail but in a salon length! I will use acrylic but I will also be doing some beautiful encapsulations and nail art on top! I will demonstrate how to use the efile for prep and everything at that moment! Along with question/answer session.

2:45- 4:00pm: Jennifer NailNana Wirth - "Glass nails with textured tape "

Acrylic and gel. Using different tools to inscribe my design on the foil tape and then it sticks to the form for sculpting.

4:15- 5:30pm: ​Emese Koppányi - "Ballerina Ombre Nails with Acrylic" 

1. Preparation of the Natural Nail 2. Form application and Tip Application 3. Product Control -To create a natural looking ombre nails -To create ombre nails with colors and glitters 4. Using an E-File 5. Perfecting Filing Technique.

Dinner Break

7:00- Till they drop pm - Demos/Networking/Shopping - Open to all

Monday 13th:  - Optional class** - (Registration is $100/class in addition to HRTE registration)

Supplies needed are listed below for each class

8:00 - 12:00pm: Hillary Fry - 9 hard truths to get to picture perfect prep 

If your clients are continuously experiencing short wear time, rings of fire, raggedy cuticles, lifting, greenies and more, the sad truth is it's probably you, not them.  
This invaluable session will give you the hard truths you need to get to a platform for nail art.  Points covered: 

The Onceover
The Waiting Game
Push Back
Chemical vs Physical Exfoliation 
Dead Weight/One Fell Swoop
All Shapes & Sizes
Smooth Like Buttah
Float like a Butterfly
Aftercare Pep Talk/Prep Talk

1:00-5:00pm: Phoenix Fieldcamp Vandyke - Fill the Gap with a Phoenix Fix
Do you struggle with lifting? Cracking? Uneven finishes? Maybe your chrome still peels off, or you think you still have to soak off every so often? Do you want to learn how to perfectly fit a form to even the most difficult of clients? Do you know how to complete a full set and wonder WHATS NEXT? Then this is the class for you!!!
This ALL ENCOMPASSING class will help you from prep to finish! Nail Art Included. Learn how to properly use an e-file in every aspect of your service! This class is hands on and will help you fill all the gaps in your service menu! Get your Phoenix Fix and walk away full of confidence ready to tackle anything!


*We reserve the right to change schedule, agenda and line up of educators.

​​                                                                  Monday Optional Class Details**


​​1:00pm - 5:00 PM 

Phoenix Fieldcamp VanDyke

What to bring to Class:

​E-file and bits
Tips and Forms
White and Black Gel Polish
No wipe top coat
All Nail tools (cuticle pusher, cuticle scissors included)
Your acrylic or gel system of choice (including the application brush) although I will be demonstrating using acrylic
Table towels
Nail art brushes
Any nail art toys or products you want to share or learn how to use better
Don’t forget acetone and alcohol
UV or LED Lamp
Optional Table Light
Power Strip
I will bring a variety of products to share and encourage everyone to use and try if they want to.
I also encourage sharing of knowledge and tips and tricks. Please come with an open mind and heart to all of our fellow techs. This is NETWORKING at its finest!

8:00am - 12:00PM 

Hillary Fry 

What to bring to AM class: TBA

  ​​​​*Registration fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.
    **Optional classes can only be added once you register for HRTE.


​​​HRTE Wisconsin    August 12-13, 2018

HRTE Sunday

Monday AM/PM optional classes

Classes held at

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